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RM 59-01


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  1. buy Richard Mille RM 59-01 Yohan Blake 50.24 x 42.70 x 15.84 mm Watch buy Richard Mille RM 59-01 Yohan Blake 50.24 x 42.70 x 15.84 mm Watch

    buy Richard Mille RM 59-01 Yohan Blake 50.24 x 42.70 x 15.84 mm Watch

    Yohan Blake is the only 100-metre sprinter to wear a watch; in this way, he is our ultimate tester, giving us the chance to see how the mechanical tourbillon movement undergoes various forces during his high speed sprints, even though he has no time to even glance at it during his 9.73-second state of grace, where he transcends time, real time, our slow time of minutes and hours. Limited edition of 50 pieces. CALIBER RM59-01 Manual winding tourbillon movement with hours, minutes. TORQUE LIMITING CROWN This additional security system prevents from accidental overwinding, which could cause damage to the winding stem or putting extreme pressure on the mainspring barrel. SKELETONIZED TITANIUM BASEPLATE The baseplate has been finished in grade 5 titanium, a biocompatible, highly corrosion-resistant and remarkably rigid alloy, which enables the gear train to function effortlessly. The alloy is 90% titanium,6% aluminium and 4% vanadium. This combination further increases its mechanical properties, which explains its frequent use in the aerospace, aeronautical and automobile industries. The skeletonised baseplate and the bridges have been subjected to intensive and complete validation tests to optimize their resistance capacities. ANTICORODAL PB109 ALUMINIUM BRIDGES This aluminium alloy is composed of aluminium, magnesium, silicon and lead. It provides the movement with great flexibility and improved shock-resistance. Its green colouring is achieved through eloxing, a treatment using anodic oxidation. This forms a layer of crystals that retains green dyes. The yellow part of the bridge is hand-painted.

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